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April 19, 2004

Released by RMI

Grandma’s Cool & Zesty  Dressing Receives Small Business Award

Grandma’s Cool & Zesty Dressing in Jefferson City was one of nine Missouri businesses to receive a Small Business Award from Resources for Missouri , Incorporated (RMI).   Each business received a plaque and $2000.  The awards, which are presented annually, are given to recognize the achievements of  Small Business Owners and showcase the value of small business to Missouri ’s economy. Award recipients were chosen by three panels of judges who reviewed the applications submitted for the award. 

Image Services International, Inc. was created in Jefferson City , MO in 1999 as a parent company whose sole purpose is to promote and market Grandma’s Cool & Zesty Dressing - a “legacy” product.  Dorothy Holteman perfected the dressing in 1957, after 23 years of trial and error.  Recently, a new sugar-free, carb.-free version of her dressing was introduced.

Steve Picker started the company to market his Grandmother’s dressing - continuing his role in helping his 88 year old Grandmother achieve a life-long dream.  In 1934, Mrs. Holterman attempted to duplicate her Mother’s recipe for slaw/wilted lettuce dressing to please her new husband.  It took her 23 years of trial and error to get her “pinches and dabs” just right! It finally happened in 1957 and it became her dream to bottle and sell her dressing.

Although she attempted to market her dressing in the mid-1960's, she couldn’t find the money to do so and shelved the dream in the back of her mind.  But the dream was finally realized when she was 84, when her grandson, Steve Picker stepped in.  The first bottle of Grandma’s Cool & Zesty Dressing came off the production line on January 10, 2000.

Image Services, International, Inc. is dedicated to marketing the dressing and making Grandma’s dreams come true. For more information, visit www.cool-zesty.com.

Other Small Business Award winners are: Bates County Broadcasting, Butler; Billy Goat Restaurant & Bar, St. Louis; Blondie’s Trash Disposal Service, St. Joseph; Brookline Doorworks, Springfield;  Capital City Yamaha, Jefferson City; From Patsy to Present, Branson; Springfield Little Theater, Springfield; and Trek Tec, Inc., St. Joseph.

RMI is a private, non-profit organization which provides small business loans.  RMI is a Statewide Certified Development Company and understands the important economic impact that Small Businesses provide in Missouri . 

For more information about RMI loan programs and the award recipients, visit  www.rmiinc.org or call 1-800-234-4971

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