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February 9, 2004

Grandma’s Cool & Zesty Dressing discontinues Original 9 ounce Bottle to Make Way for New Sugar-Free, Carb Free Dressing

   Jefferson City, Missouri,
February 9, 2004 Grandma’s Cool & Zesty Dressing based in Jefferson City, Missouri, has discontinued the original 9 ounce bottle that Grandma Dorothy introduced in January 2000.

   “The 9oz bottle worked out well for us.  However, after introducing the 14 oz bottle in January 2003, sales of the 9oz bottle declined,” said Steve Picker, grandson of creator Dorothy Holterman.  The 9oz bottles will still be available at grocery stores until supplies run out.

   Grandma’s Cool & Zesty is making way for a new product.  Grandma Dorothy has been working for months to perfect a new sugar-free dressing.  “We almost have it completed,” said Grandma Dorothy, “and will be introduced in early spring.” The new dressing is not only sugar-free but will also be carbohydrate free. 

   Grandma Dorothy perfected the original dressing after 23 years of trial and error and always dreamt of having it on the grocery store shelves.  With the help of her grandson, or as she says “the missing ingredient,” her dream came true.

   Read the whole story at www.cool-zesty.com. 



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