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May 25, 2004

Grandma’s Cool & Zesty Dressing receives 
2004 Governor’s Small Business
 of the Year Award

Jefferson City, Missouri, May 24, 2004-On Friday, May 21, 2004, Grandma’s Cool & Zesty Dressing received the 2004 Governor’s Small Business of the Year Award at the annual Governor’s Business Development Spring Conference held at the Lodge of the Four Seasons.  Governor Bob Holden presented Dorothy Holterman and Steve Picker of Grandma’s Cool & Zesty Dressing the award. 

“I can not believe we received the Small Business of the Year award.  It is a dream come true.  It is such a thrill to be working with my Grandson,” said dressing creator Dorothy Holterman. 

“We are very honored to receive this award,” said Steve Picker.  “The Department of Economic Development provides vital support for small businesses.  They helped us get the company started and continue to help us as we grow.” 

The award is given to a small business that has experienced significant growth, improved internal processes or developed a business or marketing plan to improve the business.   

“Thanks to our customers, Grandma’s Cool & Zesty Dressing has experienced significant growth since January 2000 when the dressing was introduced.” said Steve Picker.   The dressing is available in over 200 stores and will expand to over 300 in the next few months.   

Based on customer demand, Grandma’s Cool & Zesty also introduced a Sugar-Free/Carb-Free version of the dressing in March. 

Grandma’s Cool & Zesty Dressing is a legacy product that was perfected by Grandma Dorothy Holterman in 1957. Grandma’s Cool & Zesty Dressing first became available in January of 2000 and the company recently introduced a new sugar-free/carb-free version of the dressing.  Grandma’s Cool & Zesty is based in Jefferson City, Missouri. 

Grandma Dorothy’s story is very motivational and inspirational.  She always says “Never give up a dream, you don’t know when it might come true.”  Grandma Dorothy loves to share her story and is available for interviews. 

Learn more at www.cool-zesty.com. 


Governor Bob Holden presents the 2004 Governor’s Small Business of the Year award to Dorothy Holterman and Steve Picker with Grandma’s Cool & Zesty Dressing.





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