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Grandma's Story

   Thinking back to my childhood days, I remember my mother making this dressing when we had cabbage slaw or fresh lettuce.  We usually had it at the evening meal.  Back then,
Mama would mix a little of this and a little of that and  would come up with this delicious dressing.
   Everybody loved her dressing, but few wanted the trouble of making it at the last minute before the meal. The way my mother did it was to heat the dressing up and serve it hot over garden lettuce.  She would allow it to cool to be served on slaw.  I thought it would be easy to duplicate my mother's dressing but it took me 23 years of trial and error.  Finally, in 1957, I came up with the perfect amount of each ingredient. Using measurements I was able to create a product consistent in taste each time. My husband sure was glad I finally figured it out. I think he was tired of trying all of the failed batches.

Grandma in her kitchen at the farm.  

   I started serving the dressing to family and friends.  They would come back and ask me to make the dressing for them to take home.

Grandpa Fred

   In the mid 60's I wanted to market the dressing, so I visited grocery stores providing samples and asking questions.  No one knew what steps to take but they all knew it would cost thousands of dollars and we just did not have it.   But I kept the dream alive in the back of my mind.

   In August of 1999, while celebrating my 84th birthday with my family, my son-in-law suggested that someone market my dressing.  The next day my grandson began making phone calls.  The missing ingredient to my dream was found - it was my grandson.

   On January 9th, 2000, we had the first bottle of my dressing ready for the store shelves.  It was so exciting.  My dream was coming true!

   Just try it one time and you will always want to keep it on hand.  It's so handy to use on slaws or salads of any kind.  Also, visit our "Recipes" page and see how other people are using my dressing.
   I look to each day with anticipation of what will happen next.  Please join us in celebrating my dream come true.
          With Love,

*Grandma Dorothy passed away in June 2008. Please click here to see her obituary


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